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High Quality Fireless Aroma Fragrance Rattan Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Set

The fireless rattan aroma diffuser set includes rattan or fiber stick, essential oil bottle, essential oil,decorative flowers and beautiful box.
All can be customized, such as the size, color, quantity of rattan or fiber rods can be according to your requirements.Choose the fragrance type you like,in addition,you can print your logo on bottles and boxes.
We are a professional manufacturer with strict quality control and necessary certificate,sellingflameless reed aromatherapy sets and related accessories. High quality, worthy of your trust, welcome your consultation.

About Reed Diffuser

  1. Reeds
    The reeds last for a long time, but need to be changed each time you change the fragrance oil in your diffuser. If you utilize an old one then you will be merging scents. These products are accessible in packs because you need to use more then on reed for each diffuser.

  2. Diffuser Container
    The diffuser is the small to standard sized jar or flask that holds the reeds in place and contains the fragrance oil. The reeds soak up oils and then slowly disperse them into the air thus creating and spreading the sweet aromas you want.

  3. Reed diffuser oils
    The fame of the use of essential oils to refresh your homes and business alike has created a complete new world of variety in scents. This method of releasing oil scents into the air is a new and very practical way to revive the interior of your home and reed diffuser and oils are now one of the most famous and trendy ways that people are using to make an aromatic environment. The procedure behind oils and reed diffuser is very easy. The reeds are instilled with essential oil aromas.

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