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How to make and preserve Sola flowers

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Except for being used as a scented flower, which needs to be replaced from time to time, wood sola flowers are a very durable flower material, and because they are made of wood, they are much more durable than dried flowers and eternal flowers, and their color will not fade. Although the way of caring for solariums is similar to that of dried flowers and perennials, there are still a few points that need special attention.

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  • How to make Sola flowers?

  • Preservation method

How to make Sola flowers?

Wood sola flowers are made from the inner stems of plants, and different plant materials are used in different regions.

And most of today's sola flowers are made from sola wood, an aquatic plant that grows in Thailand, India, and other Southeast Asian countries. The scientific name of Sola is the genus Hopper, a legume family, and is an annual herb with lightly textured stems and veins that can be found in warm swampy areas and rice paddies.

The handmade aroma diffuser wooden sola flower is made in the same way as the Tongkatana flower. The harvested sora plant is dried in the sun, the white inner stem is removed, and the sora is shaved into slices and pieces, and then the dried slices are made into various flower shapes by hand. The flowers sold in the market are usually formed and dyed flowers with wire, and are used in table flowers, vases, bouquets, and other floral works. Since the wood sola flower is made of natural materials, sometimes you may find some slight brown veins on the top of the petals, which is not a defective product, but a natural wood grain mark, which is normal.

Preservation method

1. Place in a dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.

Please place the flowers in a place where the sun cannot reach, and keep the indoor environment air circulation, avoid placing them in the bathroom, kitchen, and another humid environments, to prevent the flowers from mold. In these places, we can use bathroom refill oil diffuser wood flowers. If there is a rainy season, resulting in high humidity in the environment, so that the Sola flowers and therefore moisture, mold, you can spray some alcohol on the moldy place, and wipe off the mold with a clean paper towel.

2. Avoid squeezing and bumping.

Although the petals of solariums are much thicker than dried flowers and perennials, the texture is still on the soft side, so avoid squeezing and bumping them as much as possible. If the flower is deformed due to extrusion during transportation, spray water or alcohol on the petals to wet the flower, wait for the petals to soften, then readjust the shape of the Sola flower, and the flower will be shaped after drying!

The emergence of the wood sola flower has allowed florists to use more natural media in their creations. Although they are made of plant material, the simulated flowers are an unexpected match with dried flowers and eternal flowers and are favored by many consumers.

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