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How to place the most durable fiber reed diffuser?

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Many people choose to put on stress-relieving home fragrance products to relax to enhance the indoor work atmosphere, and the sales of the most exquisite diffuser bottles have skyrocketed in the past six months! But do you know how to place the longest-lasting fiber reed diffuser sticks?

Here is the content:

  • Diffuser bottle how to emit fragrance?

  • In the beginning

  • Use in smaller spaces

  • The drier the environment, the faster the consumption

Diffuser bottle how to emit fragrance?

The capillary phenomenon, allows liquids to flow from low to high with the object without the action of external forces. Household replaceable diffuser stick is the use of slow diffusion evaporation of the capillary phenomenon, the fragrance will spread diffusion in the environment. Eco-friendly fiber diffuser sticks fragrance persistence is a relatively fast, stable, and lasting fragrance diffusion method, compared to candles that need to burn for at least half an hour before the fragrance, the speed of indoor fragrance diffusion is immediately felt. In addition, the aroma candle will be extinguished, immediately stopping the release of fragrance, but the internal diffusion of incense is no stopping time, as long as there is continuous fragrance liquid, continue to insert the bamboo branch, the smell will continue to be released.

In the beginning

The principle of fragrance diffusion is a capillary and evaporation phenomenon, so it is recommended that the first time you use it, do not insert thefiber reed diffuser sticks in the rush to put into the room. The first time you use it, remember to flip the scented bamboo back and forth soaked in essential oils for 30 seconds so that the diffuser sticks have fragrance liquid throughout the whole branch and then placed upside down, you can carry out indoor scent expansion. This first use of the ritual is very important, can make the fragrance expansion evenly complete. The capillary phenomenon of fragrance stick essential oil adsorbs the entire stick, not only will the fragrance spread faster into the space and more intense and long-lasting.

Use in smaller spaces

Diffuser bottle to provide the aroma, more suitable for small spaces or even closet use, too large space is more difficult to feel the smell, but also more likely to evaporate. It is recommended that the diffuser stick can all be placed in the bottle at once, do not need want to save the fiber reed diffuser sticks and reduce the placement of the bottle, so that the aroma is not easy to achieve effect.

The drier the environment, the faster the consumption

It is recommended that the location of the bathroom aroma diffuser fiber rod is best placed in a cool and ventilated place indoors, prohibit the use of closed doors and windows and dehumidifiers at the same time, which will only make the diffuser bottle consumption faster. In addition, the use of natural plants made of diffuser sticks, more through the natural pores of plants, so that the fragrance lasting charming.

It is the responsibility of every manufacturer to produce reed diffuser sticks that meet the standards to ensure a healthy market. Dongguan Gaoyi Reed Diffuser Craft Co., Ltd conducts several tests on the products before they leave the factory, and the quality is guaranteed. If you need diffuser rods, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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