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Introduction of wood sola flower

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The beauty and scenting properties of the wood sola flower make it ideal for use in the workplace or bedroom, providing a comfortable, relaxing, and healing feeling. Regularly, try placing a dry scented table flower in your home and let the scented flowers accompany you every day.

Here is the content:

  • The making of sora flowers

  • Sola function: natural fragrance flower

The making of sora flowers

Natural family diffuser sola flowers are made from plant materials such as grass or sola trees. The inner stems of the plant are cut into thin slices of sola flowers and then combined into various flower shapes. Common flower shapes include roses, peonies, sunflowers, carnations, peonies, daisies, etc. Because each flower is handmade, there are slight differences in the size of the flower and the way the petals bloom. The original color of wood sola flowers is white, but through dyeing techniques, Sola flowers can be dyed in a variety of colors, ranging from pink and colorful macarons to vivid colors, making them a highly colorful flower material.

Although the wood sola flower is not a real flower, it is still a natural material made from pure natural plants. The thick and soft texture of the petals and the special wood texture are what make Solana different from dried flowers and eternal flowers. The rich colors, varied flower shapes, and special texture of Sola flowers can add richness and variability to floral works, whether as the main character or a supporting role.

Sola function: natural fragrance flower

Living room decor diffuser scent flower can be used not only as a decorative flower in floral works but also as a fragrance diffuser. The dried solanum contains natural plant fiber, which can absorb oil, fragrance, and diffuse fragrance.

Since Sola flowers are not scented by themselves, we can spray our favorite perfume or drop essential oils on the petals to let the fragrance fill the air and create a healing and relaxing atmosphere. If you buy floral decorations that contain both dried flowers and perpetual flowers, it is recommended to get close to the Sola flower before spraying the action to avoid spraying the surrounding flower materials! Sola flowers because of their unique fragrance diffusion function, making the fragrance diffusion flowers and essential oil bottles with the fragrance diffusion combination have become one of the public's favorite indoor decorations. Generally speaking, the fragrance of the wood sola flowers will naturally evaporate and fade with time, so if you want to continue the aroma of the room, add a few drops of essential oil.

However, after about 2 to 3 months of use, the pores of the wood sola flower will gradually become clogged with dust, or they will not be able to emit fragrance because they have absorbed enough essential oils, so if you find that the flower's diffusion effect is not good, it is recommended that you replace the diffuser flowers!

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