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No correct method of using aromatherapy.

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1. Place the aromatherapy bottle flat on the table.

2, open aromatherapy essential oil bottle, (clenched the bottle, press the bottle cap and turn left to open). Use a special funnel to slowly pour aromatherapy oil into the bottle and fill it with 7 points. Do not overfill so that the essential oil does not overflow.

3. Place the core of the head of the head into the aroma bottle along the bottle mouth, and place the head of the head smoothly on the bottle mouth. (Initial use, need to wait for more than 20 minutes, so that the inhalation of essential oil into the saturation state)

4. After determining that the aromatherapy bottle and the tabletop are completely free of spilled essential oils, they can light the tip of the head and allow the flame to burn for about two minutes. (If the combustion time is insufficient, the critical temperature cannot be reached, then the constant temperature cracking cannot be maintained.)

5. Blow out the flame and cover with a hollow cover to slowly catalyze and release the essential oil molecules without the fire. Based on a room of 30 square meters, it takes only 0.5 - 1 hour to catalyze, and the aroma effect lasts about 8 hours.

6, if you want to stop catalytic aromatherapy operation, please remove the hollow cover, and then close the lid tightly cover the head. (Note: The tip of the head has strong water absorption. If you do not use aromatherapy in a humid environment, be sure to cover the seal cap. If the tip of the head is not wet after being absorbed by water, you can use it after it is cool and dry.)

7. Finally cover the hollow cover and keep it beautiful. Use it for the next time.

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