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Placement and utilization of fiber reed diffuser rods

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The fragrance is the most effective way to relax, and fiber reed diffuser sticks are easy to get and convenient products, but buy a diffuser bottle you know how to use. If you want to go home and feel the comfort of the scent as soon as you enter, just master the 3 skills, you can extend the use of time, so that the fragrance is not wasted!

Here is the content:

  • Placement

  • Where do I put it in my home?

  • The full use of the diffuser stick


Place fiber reed diffuser sticks below the head, and above the knee. Whether in the living room, bedroom, study, or bathroom, want to make the fragrance to achieve the best benefit, the high and low position is very important Oh! Placement below the head and above the knees is a better position, because it is the closest space to the standing or sitting breathing range. The household replaceable diffuser stick and the best to maintain a certain distance from the appliance, otherwise after long-time use, may be residual essential oils on the wire.

Where do I put it in my home?

Each space will bring different effects, so first we need to decide where to place the fiber reed diffuser sticks for fragrance arrangement.

The entrance hall - every day when you get home, you can smell the familiar scent when you enter the door, take care of the scent here, and you can keep a happy mood when you enter and leave!

The living room - the place to communicate with guests, both leisure, social, and entertainment, suitable for placing the favorite scent of the head of the family, to show their style.

Study - A place where you need to focus on reading and working for a long time, the right scent can make your thoughts clearer.

Bathroom - help eliminate the odor of the bathroom, because the bathroom is a more humid place, it is recommended not to use the need for electricity scent products, diffuser bottle is very suitable.

Bedroom - After a hard day, come back to the room, unload all the stress, relax and let the body and mind rest completely.

The full use of the diffuser stick

The fragrance diffuser uses the capillary phenomenon to absorb essential oils and then evaporate them into the air, the sweet bedroom fragrance diffuser fiber sticks are not just put away, once a month you need to flip the diffuser stick, and you can enhance the concentration of fragrance! Soak the stick in the diffuser bottle for about 10 seconds, then flip it over and dip it into the bottle again, so that the fragrance can be emitted quickly.

When the fiber reed diffuser sticks are finished, the stick should not be thrown away, you can put it in drawers, closets, shoe cabinets, etc., to maximize the remaining fragrance! However, it is important to remind you that the diffuser stick cannot be reused because it may be blocked by dust in the air, so as soon as you find that the fragrance has faded, you need to replace it with a new one!

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