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Pre-fragranced Diffuser Stick Aroma Reed Rattan Natural Black Scent Diffuser Reeds

Material:natural rattan sticks imported from indonesia
Color:brown,natural,red,white,black and custom
Diameter from 1.5mm-15mm
length from 10cm-100cm can be customized
We are a manufacturer specializing in no flame diffuser. Rattan sticks are one of our main products. We not only have regular sizes, but also can customize sizes and colors according to your needs.Let us start our cooperation.

Rattan sticks and rattan reeds are called various in different countries.

The rattan reeds are called reeds in the United States, the black rattan reeds are called black reeds, and the red are called red reeds. The true reason why people like reeds is that they are natural, so they are also eco beneficial. People started to use balm to enhance the fragrance in the room, but the biggest problem with this method is that it cannot last. Later, people can scent the fragrance through the essential oil and open the bottle cap. In order to accelerate up the diffusion of the fragrance, people insert it into the bottle. Rattan was used. Later, because of the supply of rattan, people used fiber sticks and paper sticks to substitute them. But rattan is still the main accessory of fireless aromatherapy.

Main Specifications:

*  Material: 100% all-natural Indonesia rattan;
*  Diameters: custom from 2mm to 10mm;
*  Height: custom from 5cm to 100cm
*  Color: natural or Custom by Panton card or samples provided.
Products include:
*  Diffuser Sticks, Rattan sticks, Fiber sticks
*  Diffuser Flowers, sola flowers, Dried flowers
*  Wood branch, Willow branch, Elm branch
*  Rattan ball, Wood ball
*  Diffuser set, Essence oil refill
*  Rattan raw material

Safety and Quality are our principles. Low MOQ, quick response and quick delivery are our advantage. Customers' demand is our goal, customers' satisfaction is our pursuit.

we view our customer as a business partner to grow in our market chain, boost our customer, boost ourselves.

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Since our company established in 2006, we have been committed to our commitment to provide the public with natural, comfortable, environmental and high-quality products.
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