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Rattan Reed Diffuser Stick

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Rattan canes are derived from any one of a number of species of palms. They provide a spectacular sight as they can sometimes grow up to several hundred feet tall. Aside from this spectacle, one of the reasons these types of waling aids are so popular is because they offer fantastic durability. This durability makes these items one of the absolute best values on the market. As part of this durability, they also offer a fantastic resistance to splintering. Sections of rattan are separated from the main plant along a smooth plane which provides a structurally sound cut. This means you get to enjoy immense structural integrity from them. You can take on some challenging daily walks or longer treks and truly enjoy a boost in confidence knowing that your weight is well supported。

Rattan is a vine that grows in the tropical forests of the Far East . Growing hundreds of feet in length, it is one of nature's strongest materials. It will not splinter or break and is ideal for making furniture. Once molded, solid rattan retains its contours permanently. Peel, is the outer skin of the rattan pole and traditionally is used to wrap joints. Wicker refers to products that are made from reed, cane, rush, willow or other natural materials. When wet, these materials are pliable enough to be woven.

Our diffuser reeds are made from sticks. A natural plant material. Each stick has tiny channels that run from one end to another that help in drawing the fragrance oil and diffusing it in the air ensuring the best user experience. Our reeds are available with our diffusers oils and also by itself as a side purchase. The quality of the scent throw in the air highly depends on the quality of the oil and the reeds.

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