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The practicality and use of reed diffuser rattan sticks

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The principle of rattan aromatherapy: the finished aromatherapy solution is diffused into the air through a certain carrier (such as a reed diffuser rattan stick, grass flowers, cotton rope, etc.). So the air is filled with fragrance, to improve the air, pleasure body and mind.

Here is the content:

l Is rattan aromatherapy good to use?

l How to use

l Caution

Is rattan aromatherapy good to use?

Rattan aromatherapy tastes a little heavier than the candle. Home fragrance diffuser stick flavor is very neutral, relatively fresh, placed in the home will not be too smoky, but enough to change the flavor of the environment, light is very good. The room is full of fragrance. Rattan aromatherapy is mainly through the absorbent, oil-absorbing, and volatile plants or objects, such as rattan, flowers, reeds, etc., the essential oil will be sucked into the rattan or flower head, and then emitted into the air. The intensity of the aroma is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the perfume absorb rattan stick, more is a strong fragrance, less is light, and the more the rattan volatile speed will also be faster.

How to use

Open the bottle, dip one end of the rattan into the essential oil and turn the wand over several times so that the aroma is completely immersed in the wand. Remove the sticks when it is moist and place the other end in the bottle. Turn the wand upside down once a week for better results.

If you use it in a small space (such as a bathroom), insert a small amount of bathroom deodorization & aroma diffuser to achieve the effect; if it is placed in a large space, you can increase the number of sticks.


1 Essential oil is flammable, keep away from open flame.

2 Essential oil should not be ingested into the body, contact with the skin needs to be promptly cleaned.

3 Use it in a safe place out of reach of children.

4 If the essential oil is accidentally poured out, wipe clean in time.

5. Look at the actual use of space, and the size of the space to determine the number of reed diffuser rattan sticks, do not insert too many, otherwise, it will transition volatile.

6. The sticks should be used at both ends so that aromatherapy can achieve maximum saturation and expansion of the fragrance. If you want to evaporate more slowly, you can also cut the sticks and make them shorter.

7. Pay attention to the place of use, choose a place where there is no direct sunlight and wind, and do not put it in the vent or under the sun, to ensure the natural diffusion of the rattan.

Dongguan Gaoyi Reed Diffuser Craft Co., Ltd All natural rattan products, and raw materials are imported from Indonesia, which is the best natural rattan in the world. We always make high-quality AAA-grade products for reed diffuser rattan sticks. We are technically able to customize the dryer to strictly control the humidity and temperature, which is in line with international standards.

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