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The role and composition of the reed diffuser

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Reed diffuser rattan stick, known in the industry as "aromatherapy sticks reeds” or "fireless aromatherapy", is a very popular fragrance supply in Europe and the United States in recent years.

Here is the content:

l Principle of action

l Effects

l Effects on the body

l Composition

Principle of action

The principle of reed diffuser rattan stick is to use absorbent, oil-absorbent, volatile plants or objects, through the rattan or the grass flowers, cotton rope, etc., the essential oil will be sucked into the rattan or flower head, and then emitted into the air, to keep the indoor air fresh.


Aromatherapy essential oils are made from specific types of plants, which have been refined by special methods to produce fragrant, volatile plant oil. The essential oils are not only fragrant but are also made from the precious essence of the plant. Perfume absorb rattan stick is highly volatile and has small molecules, which are quickly absorbed by the body and quickly penetrate the body's organs, while the excess components are then excreted from the body, the whole process only takes a few minutes.

Effects on the body

The use of home fragrance diffuser stick has been used for many years and has a high medicinal value and significant therapeutic effect. The use of reed diffuser rattan stick is multifaceted and has certain therapeutic effects on the skin, emotions, spirit, and physical health.

1. Skin ---- accelerates circulation and cellular metabolism helps wound healing, strengthens skin resistance and tissue strength and effectively delays muscle, and skin aging.

2. Health ---- can effectively smooth the circulation and meridian system, strengthen the body's immune system, eliminate excess water and waste, and regulate endocrine, making the body function to achieve a balanced effect.

3. Spiritual aspects ---- essential oil can directly stimulate the human brain nervous system, effectively help to relax the nerves, and relieve stress, but also stimulate vitality, and make people energetic, concentrated and confident.

4. Emotional aspects ---- fragrance can effectively stabilize the mood, focus the mind, strengthen the judgment of things, and can help the coordination of mental and physical.

5. Medical aspects ---- part of the pure essential oil of the medicinal properties than the herbal medicine 70 times more concentrated, high penetration, can be effective for disease, such as fragrance has a very strong anti

Some volatilized pollution air rattan rods can treat respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system diseases, and other effects.


Usually, a simple combination of just a container, rattan, and essential oils.

Container: usually a glass bottle, ceramic bottle

Rattan: imported white rattan

Essential oil: the quality of the fragrance on the market varies, please be careful when buying.

Dongguan Gaoyi Reed Diffuser Craft Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of natural rattan, rattan core, aromatherapy rattan, reed sticks, fiber sticks, sola flower, diffuser willow, fireless rattan/reed aromatherapy diffuser gift box, etc. Since our company was established in 2006, we have been committed to providing the public with natural, comfortable, environmentally friendly, and high-quality products.

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Since our company established in 2006, we have been committed to our commitment to provide the public with natural, comfortable, environmental and high-quality products.
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