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Use of rattan aromatherapy

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Open the stopper, the end of the cane immersed in the aromatherapy solution, remove the wet rattan, then the other end into the bottle can be.

If it is used in a small space (such as bathroom), insert a small amount of rattan sticks to achieve the effect; if it is placed in a large space, may be appropriate to increase the number of rattan stick

When the aromatherapy finished, can be added, and rattan can continue to use, recycling is quite environmentally friendly.

Folding precautions

1 A handful of aromatherapy fluids are flammable but still need to be kept away from open flame;

2 Aromatherapy fluid to avoid direct intake of the body or eyes, if there is discomfort after contact, need timely medical treatment;

3 Should be placed on the safe reach of children can not reach when using;

4 If accidentally pour out the essential oil, it should be promptly wiped clean.

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