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What You Would Like To Learn About Rattan Reed Sticks of Diffuser

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Get to know the rattan sticks

rattan sticks are replacement of on flame diffuser,they are used for aroma diffusion.Some people think there reed sticks are useless,maybe you not understand the main function of rattan rods.I could advise you responsibly that they are useful.We should know it is esstion oil or fragrance made the room aroma instead of rattan rods.Rattan rods could speed up the spread of aroma scent in a room through the channels on the stem.So reed sticks play a important role in the air refreshner,they  refresh air long time to improve room air quality.We also call rattan sticks fragrace sticks.

Common size of rattan reeds

3mm*22cm,3mm*23cm,3mm*25cm,3mm*26cm,4mm*23cm,4mm*25cm are very popular.The size depends on the height and the top diameter of bottle.The height of the bottles are generally about 10cm, so the length of the rattan sticks are generally between 20-30cm.The top diameter of a bottle is nomally about 2cm,6-8 reed sticks is better for a bottle,so the diamter of the reeds are 3mm or 4mm. 

Rattan reeds in common size

natural rattan sticksnatural rattan sticks

We are a manufacturer specializing in no flame rattan reed diffuser. Rattan sticks are one of our main products. We not only have regular sizes, but also can customize sizes and colors according to your needs.

Reed sticks in various colors

Colors rattan reed sticks will not reduce the evaporation of the perfume,Reeds are porous.Only when the holes are broken, the rattan will reduce the diffusion of aroma.Natural and black reed sticks are the most popular and the most sold.Some people will also ask for rattan sticks in red, green, brown, etc.Rattan sticks have a decorative function, the diversity of colors can better dress up the room.

Hot selling reed sticks

Black rattan sticksBlack rattan sticks

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